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One-eyed Washingtonville athlete not blind to his gifts

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By Justin Fedich, Times Herald Record, originally posted Oct 25, 2019


WASHINGTONVILLE — Look William Sanner in the eyes and there are no obvious clues that he is any different than your typical 12-year-old. He plays all the sports he can, drives tractors, rides dirt bikes and welcomes contact on a football field. Never mind that one of his eyes is artificial. Sanner is as normal as the rest of us.

Sanner, a safety and wide receiver on the Washingtonville modified-B football team, doesn’t have a blueprint for what he wants to achieve athletically. He’s not even a teenager yet...

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Middletown forfeits four football contests

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By Sal Interdonato, Times Herald Record, originally posted Oct 21, 2019

Middletown High School has forfeited four Section 9 football games, three in division, for the use of an ineligible player.

The Section 9 Athletic Council confirmed the penalty Monday after Middletown self-reported the violation last week.

The player, who transferred to Middletown, was 19 years old and a fifth-year senior. The reserve player was over the age limit to participate (under 19 by July 1) and had exhausted his four years of eligibility, starting his freshman year at Liberty.

Middletown was enjoying one of its finest seasons, winning its first seven games ahead of a showdown with five-time defending sectional champion Newburgh Free Academy Friday night.

“It fell through several layers ...

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